BARRAGE OF HOMOSEXUALITY (j_crew_guy) wrote in yugioh_talk,

The Curious Case of the Missing Card

So I picked up a copy of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie at Target today. Bring it home and I open it, and there's the mail-in offer for the three cards (Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Sorcerer of Dark Magic and Watapon). But no exclusive trading card like I'd seen in advertisements on TV and could swear I read about in news reports about the DVD's release.

Have I been gypped? Do I take it back to Target and explain? Write to Warner Bros./4Kids?

Of course, it would help to know if this has happened to anyone else...
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People on the Adult_Yugioh list have said that they got the Pyramid of Light card with the movie DVD. Was your copy sealed? Sometimes kids cut the packages open and steal the cards out of them. Either way, I'd take it back to Target and see if they'll let you trade it for another copy.
My copy was sealed in shrink wrap with all three security stickers intact, so no one took the card. I think.

I'll definitely take it back to Target and see if they'll let me trade.

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I was in Circuit City tonight and got even more confused, because the copies of the DVD there had a sticker on the package saying it came with a card (and the mail-in offer).

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