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Yu-Gi-Oh! and character assasination

Spoilers for "An Unexpected Enemy and "My Freaky Valentine Part 1"

So I'd heard about the Joey/Mai duel and as a fan of Joey/Mai I figured this would be a good chance for ANGST. Which would be good.

But now that the episodes have started to air, I find myself angry with the way Mai is being portrayed.

I have no problem with the fact that she has PTSD after what happened with Yami Marik and she has nightmares. It make sense.

What I have a problem with is her sudden and unexplained lust for power. Think back to Duelist Kingdom. When Mai was asked why she duels, she gave an honest answer. "For the finer things in life." At no time did she say she wanted power.

During Battle City, she never said she wanted power.

She loses to Yami Marik and goes to the Shadow Realm. She recovers, and now she's all about power? And being a well-known duelist? I call bullshit. I sincerely doubt no one would know who Mai is.

Bullshit that she couldn't get in touch with Yugi and Joey. Or even Tea or Serenity.

We're supposed to believe that right after Battle City, the God Cards were stolen AND Mai went through a series of life-changing events that led her to crave power and decide she was a failure, all in the space of a day or two? And she had time to defeat Pegasus and take his soul the next day. Bullshit.

I was prepared to ignore the majority of the "Waking the Dragons" arc if the Joey/Mai duel was good.

Now that I've seen it and seen why Mai is on the side of the evil bikers? I'm prepared to flush this arc down the toilet.

I might have accepted the changes had the voice actress stayed the same for Mai, but it's someone different and... not Mai. So much for that.
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