DigiFaith (digifaith) wrote in yugioh_talk,

Doma Hits America (Finally)

Well, it seems that the dubbed version of the Doma arc has finally reached TV screens here in America. (There's a pretty good summary of the episode here.) The first episode this morning was better than I thought. The only real complaint I have is the choice of voice actors. Varon (or "Valon," as they call him >_<) has a rather overdone British cockney accent, Amelda has some other odd sort of British accent, and Raphael's voice is very low and.. well.. doom-sounding. Valon is the only name that's actually confirmed, the others' names haven't been mentioned yet.

But, despite this, it looks like this new season will be a lot less heavy on the editing. The name of the Seal of Orichalcos has not changed, nor has its six-pointed star design (that one surprised me, considering how famous Yu-Gi-Oh is for star-editing). The plot also seems to be unchanged from the Japanese so far. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Any other thoughts?
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